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Get your message to your audience effectively. Using video you can strengthen your brand, instantly engage with new audiences and get recognition for the value you provide.

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Engaging and efficient way to deliver information or training to your staff or audience in an all in one solution.

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Capture the impact and important messages from your event and have it delivered in an effective and interesting video.

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Bring the experience to life by capturing a subject and immerse your audience with engaging information.

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    Video is the communication tool of the future, a promotional video is an incredibly valuable tool for conneting with your target audience, clients or funding bodies at presentations, seminars, trade shows and exhibitions. Having a video on your website is also a great way to instantly connect with your audience, increase brand awareness and trust in the value you provide.

    • Presents a professional image of your company
    • Increases brand recognition
    • Increases confidence and trust in your business
    • Grab people’s attention
    • Explains who you are and what you do
    • Highlights your competitive strengths
    • Help you achieve your marketing and communication objectives

    One reason video is such a engaging medium is because it involves the viewer’s emotions. The ability to connect with an audience though visuals and sound can be incredibly powerful.

    [testimonial title=”Naomi Simmonds, Youth Engagement Officer, Banyule City Council, “]

    Alex is wonderful to work with, his calm efficient and personable manner makes any film project a stress-free experience. I have had the pleasure to work alongside Alex in the production of a number of promotional videos, all have been incredibly well received by all who have viewed his films. I have used his films to demonstrate the work our Council does in Youth Services to funding bodies, management and young people. His professional, eye catching presentations are so impressive.

    I issued a challenge to Alex to film an event and edit a piece to be viewed at the conclusion of the event. He was incredibly efficient with his time and produced a piece that blew everyone away.

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    We can provide creative solutions to your current idea to enhance it’s effectiveness.

    [icon2 icon=”awesome-user” title=”Great Support”] Always working with you, uploading private drafts for your review to ensure you are happy with the product. [/icon2][small_spacing]
    [icon2 icon=”awesome-trophy” title=”Competitive Price”]

    We provide good value for money rates

    [icon2 icon=”awesome-briefcase” title=”All in one”] From start to finish we produce your idea, film, edit and upload or create DVDs of the finished product. [/icon2][large_spacing]
    [icon2 icon=”awesome-flag-checkered” title=”Efficient Service”]

    We understand your deadlines and use technology to minimize unnecessary meetings.

    [icon2 icon=”awesome-shield” title=”Backup”] Your footage is backed up onto two hard drives to ensure peace of mind. [/icon2][large_spacing]

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